Claire Reilly-Taylor


Claire Reilly-Taylor

Vice President, Creative Services



Claire has more than 24 years of design experience and as Vice President of Creative Services, she leads her team in both the physical and digital playgrounds with expertise across healthcare, pharmaceutical, lifestyle, fashion, and technology. Claire executes all creative with an overarching goal: to create work that makes meaningful and enduring connections between stakeholders and the brand.


When she’s not conceptualizing brand experiences, you’ll probably find her practicing yoga, doing P90X, or chauffeuring her daughter to ballet class. But don’t call her a “Dance Mom”, whatever you do…


  • Pharmaceutical brands, such as BeneFIX®, BIVIGAM®,  Nabi-HB®, and numerous unbranded promotional,educational campaigns and programs
  • Therapeutic areas, such as rare and orphan diseases,oncology, bleeding disorders, immune disorders, dental, hepatitis B, and healthcare systems
  • Medical device brands in micro-device systems, cardiovascular, vascular, urology, oncology, and surgical specialties
  • Other areas of expertise, such as accessories, jewelry, home furnishings/textile, nonprofit, fashion, technology/software, and retail
  • Favorite things to do outside of the office are yoga (power flow, Anusara, Iyengar, Jivamukti), P90x (she’s done them all), skiing, seeing live music with her husband, hanging with her daughter, going to the beach,and nurturing her lifelong friendships (yes, even from kindergarten)