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About This Project

Market research – brand strategy – brand workshops – logo creation – website content, design, and development – collateral


ENA employed a robust voice of the customer (VOC) market research study in conjunction with internal market research to understand the brand equity and to quantify the perception of the services and expertise of WCCT in the marketplace and with internal stakeholders.


Using the data and learnings from both segments of research, ENA created a series of brand platform workshops that enabled key stakeholders to define the customer journey, target audiences, which service areas to focus on, the arena, and unique value proposition. Additional workshops focused on the character and personality of the organization, as well as the vision, mission, positioning, and finally a naming workshop to define a cohesive platform. Through the various workshops the big idea was nailed down, and we turned to applying WCCT’s new strategy of “transforming research and advancing health” across key audiences and disseminating it through multiple marketing channels.


ENA focused on a full visual rebranding project, creating a modern, unifying mark for the CRO. We completed a full style guide including supporting graphics, imagery, and font treatments to be used across all marketing materials for both digital and print.


With the strategy in place and the logo created, we worked with WCCT to write, design, and develop a new corporate website targeted to two customer types: clinical research pharmaceutical customers and volunteers for clinical research studies. The site was developed for ease of navigation, user experience (UX), brand experience, and search engine optimization (SEO), as well as being integrated with internal customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation software (MAS), and volunteer recruitment platforms.


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